#day241 – Bolivia’s little Italy

Once again I’m back in La Paz. As you can see, I like it here. No seriously,  I love this city. Still dozens of first times to try, explore or discover.

When I strolled through the old town today I discovered a wonderful little alley. Calle Jaén. And suddenly you’re in Italy. Old little buildings, decoreated street lamps, blue street signs and cozy cafes. Only the old accordion playing grandpa was missing. But nevertheless, I thought the Mediterranean Sea is waiting at the end of the alley.

La Paz’ diversity is impressive. The city isn’t the hilly old town with all those street markets only. It’s for sure the symbol but there’re completely other faces.

‘Little Italy’ for example. Or the southern district of town, which gives you an European feeling as well. The modern European feeling due to fancy restaurants, clean streets, high skyscrapers and rich houses. Even the people look different here. Come here, when you need a short escape to Europe and a break of the lively old town. Let’s see how La Paz is going to surprise me tomorrow.

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