#day240 – hardcore recovering at Villa Bonita

My plan for today? Was doing nooothing. Absolutely nothing. I mean nothing except of eating amazing food. It worked out pretty well.

Not least because of our lovely accommodation Villa Bonita. A little green oasis a bit outside the town with  hammocks, a swing and a cute restaurant where you can enjoy the mountain view. Best place to recover from El Choro.

And so I went straight from a delicious breakfast with self-made bread and jam, scrambled eggs and fresh pressed maracuya juice into the hammock. Time to read, to call family and friends and … have a little nap of course. That’s what I did today. I only left the hammock for lunch and dinner. The pizza was well deserved and almost as good as in Italy.

My knees and my ass are still a bit painful. It seems they want another day of hardcore recovering. I have to return to the capital though. Pretty hard to imagine to be back in La Paz in less than three hours from relaxing Coroico in the rainforest. As much as I enjoyed my nothing-day, I prefer action. I’m looking forward to the urban jungle now.

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