#day239 – accomplishing three days of trekking

Is there a better motivation on your third day of trekking than a German restaurant at the end of your trip? We knew there’s a German bakery called Backstube in Coroico, which serves Sauerbraten, Käsespätzle and Apfelkuchen. We could hardly talk about something else since we started walking at 7am in the morning.

The third day was the longest. A bit more than 20 kilometers today. Almost 60 kilometers the past three days. Compared to the days before with just a few uphill and downhill parts and most of the time walking straight ahead. It allowed us to be really fast. We were almost running. Guides always love to run and be the first. It seems like there’s always a competition between the tour guides, who is the first. It’s a bit annoying, since we didn’t stop that often to take pictures or explore some details in the jungle.

We reached our final destination Coroico at 3pm in the afternoon. Arrived at the hostel we first treated ourselves with a delicious ice cream. Straight after we finished the ice cream we went to the German restaurant. It was finally time for a proper and well deserved meal. I wanted a vegetarian option and ordered the Käsespätzle. No, I wouldn’t call my dish Käsespätzle but it was still a nice pasta dish. The Sauerbraten would have been the better choice maybe.

To bring the day to a dignified end we tried all three kinds of cakes, they actually offered: Apfelkuchen, Linzer Torte and Käsekuchen. We shortly forgot the pain in our legs, knees, hips and shoulders. Tomorrow I won’t leave the hammock the whole day.

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