#day238 – camping in the mountains

Buena Vista, a good view. Finally. Our lunch spot today compansated the bad weather of yesterday least a bit. When we got up at 6.30am it was still foggy but the sun showed up shortly after. Hurting knees and legs in combination with cold and wet shoes made the start to a torture, but it got better soon.

Since we started the trek my mood reached the highest peak at our lunchbreak. The dry rice with carrots and an egg wasn’t outstanding, the camping ground were we ate was though. We had a wonderful view over lushy green mountains and even time for a little nap in the grass.

It’s getting more and more warm and the vegetation is changing. The most impressive plants are the huge banana trees, we are surrounded by now. Nevertheless we’re still on an altitude of 2.000 meters above sea level. It’s still cold in the night and weather changes fast sometimes.

Our camping ground for the night suprised us with another amazing view over the jungle. It was already dark when we had dinner but I’m looking forward to our breakfast tomorrow morning (3 days old buns). Only one more night in the tent.

Once again I have to admit I’m not a camping girl. The bad thing isn’t that we’re three days without shower and internet. It’s the night in a humid, cold tent after 20 kilometers of trekking. We had a thin matresses but my ass feels like we had none. Tomorrow in the afternoon we will reach Coroico. The end is near.

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