#day237 – swimming El Choro Trek

My first trek for three days and it started with the worst weather ever. Seriously there was unfortunately nothing enjoyable today. That’s not fair. As if it wasn’t hard enough for me to carry a backpack and a sleeping bag for the first time while trekking, we had fog, mist, clouds and rain only. No view, no sun, nada.

The El Choro Trek is more or less the same route as the Death Road. The 60 kilometers long trek connects the mountains around La Paz (starting point at 4.800 meters) with the rainforest (1.200 meters). It’s supposedly one of the treks with the highest diversity of different scenerys. You start in snow covered mountains and end in a hot jungle.

Since keeping an eye on the road was much more important as enjoying the views, there wasn’t enough time for the landscape when I was downhill riding the Death Road. Furthermore I wanted to return to Coroico anyways, one of the best places on earth for a bit hammocking. Two good reasons to do the El Choro Trek.

Even more frustrating, that I missed the mountain view another time. Since we started trekking in the morning it was cloudy and foggy. No view at all and so I watched my feet walking along the path. Step by step. Pretty boring.

After a little lunch break with avocado bread it got worse. It started raining heavily and didn’t stop until we reached our camp at 4pm in the afternoon. I had a poncho and a rain jacket, but I was nevertheless totally wet. At least our guide Pasqual built up our tent already under a roof and prepared a hot coffee for us. He is carrying the tent and all the food by the way. I wouldn’t be able to manage that.

Well, the first day couldn’t meet my expactions. We walked almost 20 kilometres downhill on slippery stones today. My knees are killing me, half of my stuff is wet and it’s fucking cold inside the tent. Let’s say it can get better only.

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