#day236 – Bolivian hummus

I’m talking about it since months. Good hummus with pita bread. There’s nothing better than an Arabian dinner with friends in Neukölln in Berlin actually. Miss it. A lot.

There’re a few Arabian restaurants in Southamerica as well, but they’re hard to find. I’ve been in a good one in Buenos Aires. Long time ago. Since then I’m dreaming and talking of hummus. I guess I’m already annoying all the people around me.

Today we finally found a little oasis in La Paz. A Moroccan restaurant serving couscous and hummus. It was amazing. The fresh made mint tea was a bit too sweet, but the cute little restaurant, the lovely owner and of course the delicious hummus compensate for it.

Sitting inside the detailed decorated restaurant, listening to Arabian music, we somehow forgot we’ve been in Bolivia. It was a short escape to the Middle East. And a really good one. I paid a bit more than back at home, but it was necessary.

Now I’m once again prepared for another couple of weeks without the wonderful chickpea cream. And even more for my three day trek to the rainforest, which starts tomorrow morning.

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