#day235 – Cherimoya

Every time I pass a fruit stall I’m  wondering what this big green fruit could be, a bit looking like a mutated acorn. But I was blended by all those good looking mangos and bananas, I never thought about buying it. I didn’t even know the fruits name to tell someone what I want.

And then one day someone told me it’s a Cherimoya and has a sweet banana-like taste. In the lack of fruits after our simple bread-and-butter-breakfast in the hostel I just bought one today. I got curious and was in the mood for a foodie first time.

Since it’s a regional fruit I thought it must be as cheap as all the others. But it’s not. A medium sized one for 3 Euros. Little shock, when the Andean woman let me know what I have to pay. Alright, the consumption is going to be a little fiesta. And yeah, it’s worth it.

The taste is hard to describe. Pretty sweet and creamy definitely, not really comparable with another fruit though. But sooo tasty. Only the huge black seeds scared me a bit and disturbed me while I was enjoying the flesh. They’re toxic and therefore not eatable.

Regarding the price it seems like it will be a unique experience for a while, but I’ll have another one before I return home for sure.

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