#day234 – city of street markets tour

Another great thing about La Paz are the street markets. And there’re dozens, no there’re millions. All around the old town. With every goods you can imagine. Since I don’t need pans, dvds, carpets or fake Timberlands I prefer the street food markets. La Paz is heaven for street food gourmets such as me. I could spend my whole day snacking around town.

It’s time to introduce you into my favorite Bolivian snacks. They have Empanadas here as well, but they are more than sad compared to those in Chile and Argentina. I’m not addicted anymore. The Bolivian replacement is a Humita. Mashed corn with cheese, served in a corn leaf. Great snack.

My second favorite snack are fried banana chips. Crunchy, salty and still with a little taste of banana. So good. My third favorite snack are fresh fruit shakes. For me they’re are snack, because they are made mit milk and therefore quite filling. The country wide standard market price is 7 Bolivianos. More or less one Euro. I have one at least every third day.

Last but not least I betray you my little Bolivian travel rule: Never leave a street market without an avocado. I’ve never seen bigger, cheaper and creamier ones ever before. They are the best.

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