#day229 – second best Copacabana in the world

La Paz was just a little stopover on the way to the Titicaca lake. I’ll return for some days though. But today it’s time for a bit Copacabana action. And yes, I’m not in Rio de Janeiro (my second best city after Berlin by the way), there’s a Bolivian town at the lake Titicaca which is called Copacabana. That’s too funny for me.

I thought there’s only one Copacabana in the world. I’m surprised there’re two and both are so special located. Bolivia’s Copacabana has a beach as well. Even the mountain view is similar and the little houses in the hillside.

Straight after we arrived we had a little hike up on a hill for an amazing lookout. So stunning. We watched sunset there and enjoyed the view with an Inka Cola. A fizzy lemon colored drink which looks like Meister Proper and tastes like chewing gum. I like it, even though I’m not buying it again. It can’t be healthy unfortunately.

Anyways I like it here at the lake. It’s the second best Copacabana in the world. I’m pretty sure, my brother in law appreciates it. It’s his birthday today and he grew up in Copacabanas waves. Happy birthday, brother in law!

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