#day228 – La Paz urban jungle

One day before I’ll be in Bolivia for one month I finally arrive in the capital. La Paz. I heard different things about it. Lonely Planet says it’s a fucking dangerous, loud, crowded and polluted place. Many travellers skip it, maybe because of that. Others who have been there liked the city vibe and the action. I know a guy who travelled all around the world and says the two best cities in the world are Calcutta in India and La Paz.

It’s indeed a special city. With an altitude of 3.600 meters La Paz owns the highest airport in the world and is nestled between different mountains. My first impression is a good one. I’m actually amazed.

We couldn’t see much today. We just had a little stroll through the city center but I have a good feeling. Do you know the feeling when you enter a city and there’s immediately a symphatie? La Paz is such a city. It’s definitely Bolivia extreme, but that’s what travelling is for.

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