#day227 – travelling as Tereza

Buying a bus ticket is always fun. Every time a real experience. If you are thinking we have a lot bus companies in Europe you have to come to Southamerica. There’s almost no railway system, means the main transportation vehicle is the bus. Hence they’ve dozens of bus companies. Pah, millions! And every single company wants to sell you a ticket by screaming their destinations. Nice choire. If you want a free concert just go to the terminal.

Well, most of the time I go through the hassle and ask around for the best option. Price, duration, comfort and that stuff. Funny thing is they always promise you a toilet. And sure the toilet exists but it’s always closed. I had so many bus rides. I never had a toilet. Usually one of my biggest nightmares. I got used to it. I had 10 hour bus rides without drinking a little sip of water.

Ok, once I chose the company the next challenge is my name. Thanks god, forenames are mostly enough. I’m Theresa when I’m travelling. It’s just the little additional ‘a’ at the end, but it makes it a lot easier. They actually know the name Theresa. The only strange thing is they don’t get it when I’m saying who I am. Porqueee? I have no idea.

And so I’m travelling as Tera, Tres, Tersa or Tereza, which is pretty close to be honest. I should start travelling as Resi.

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