#day226 – Ritter Sport 50% off

Damn, there are days when everything is going wrong. Today is such a day. First we wanted to get a night bus back to La Paz. Not possible right now. Hence we have to take a day bus and change the bus somewhere additionally. A bit beach would have been a worthfully replacement. No sun today though. Clouds and wind. Quite depressing.

But what made our mood even worse was the impossibility to find a restaurant today. It’s Sunday and we didn’t know restaurants are either closed or you can’t pay with credit card, what we have to because we hadn’t enough cash left on our last day in Chile. After we finally found a Peruvian one, Ceviche was sold out. We had to choose sandwich and waited more than one hour in the end. For a sandwich. Insane! Truthfully not our day.

Well, I know, it could be worse. But still, when I have the little feeling the world is against me, I indulge myself with something good. Something, that I usually don’t buy or do because it’s too expensive. Low budget trip, you know.

Chocolate is such a thing. Getting a good one is damn expensive. A German one for example. And yes, they sell it here in almost every super market. I don’t know if you know, but it’s one of the best in the whole world. Especially Ritter Sport. Jesus, I’m such a fan.

Can you imagine how I felt after all those fails today, when I saw Ritter Sport with caramel and cookies next to the cashier in the supermarket? The big one with unbelievable 50% off? I thought today is the day. Or ‘Ahora o nunca’ as the discount sticker says on the package. Now or never. So true.

I bought a great German product on the other side of the world for a bit more than two Euros. It’s a fair deal. And it makes me a happy girl at the end of the day. That’s actually priceless. By the way, I didn’t eat the whole chocolate. I keep something for the next bad time. Let’s hope it lasts a while.

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