#day225 – surfer wisdom in a surfer hostel

Si crees que puedes ya estas a medio camino. If you think you can you’re halfway. Love that quote written on a surfboard in our new hostel. As well as the hostel itself, which is known as a surfer place to be in Iquique.

Sadly, our first hostel, Lonely Planets top choice if you want to meet other travellers, was actually the biggest fail ever. Sure it’s off season right know, but the hostel, which is run by a family, was devastated. We were almost alone, the whole place was uncozy and untidy and the kitchen all the time occupied by the family only. Instead of other travellers we saw a mommy breastfeeding.

When we got a recommendation for the surfer spot we gave it a try and showed up. Best decision ever. A cute little hostel with nice people, friendly staff, a large kitchen, a clean bed and breakfast included. Jippiii.

Oh, to get back to the quote for a short while. It’s not only a great motivation for someone who wants to learn surfing. It’s a wise advice for everyone. For me as a traveller it confirms once again you just have to start. No matter what it is, with what you want to start with. Just do it. Believe in you. You aren’t going to regret if. And even if you fail it was an experience and a learning. At least you know what you don’t want and your consciousness is satisfied. Promise me, you’ll start tomorrow, alright?

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