#day224 – new travel reading

Believe it or not. I’m carrying a book around Southamerica since Uruguay and didn’t read one single page so far.

There’re different reasons for. First, it looks like there was always something better to do. Means I was never so bored that the only option was reading a book.

Second, I use waiting times and bus rides quite often to write my block or I organize stuff by reading a guide book instead. Or sometimes I just want to listen to music and watch out of the window.

Third, when I go to bed (another common time to read a book) I’m simply just to tired. I’m a morning person. It doesn’t mean I’m reading in the morning, it rather means I’m jumping out of bed five minutes before my alarm will wake me up.

Last but not least the 4th reason why I haven’t read a book so far is that I didn’t spend time at the beach. And let’s be serious: Is there a better place on earth to read a book for hours (that’s what I do once I started a new one) than the beach? Exactly.

I really celebrated starting my book ‘Little bee’ today. The book was a gift from a girl I met in Montevideo. It’s about a refugee girl from Nigeria, who tries to start a new life in London. Based on a true story. My favorite genre. Thanks again, Tamara!

Reading with sand on my feet, the fragrance of sun scream in my nose and the sound of waves in the background is such a pleasure. Not to forget the sun in my face. It’s a dream. First beach day and I read already 100 pages.

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