#day223 – Iquique beach time

Apart from Paraguay, Bolivia is the only country in Southamerica without a coast. The problem was that after our freezing cold Uyuni tour there we wished nothing more than a beach. A little relaxing break. A travel time out. We made the plan to head to Arica. A half nice beach town in the highest north of Chile, already close to the Peruian border to where we can take night bus.

First rule when travelling in Bolivia or let’s say Southamerica in general: be flexible. Instead of a nightbus we took a day bus. When the bus company advice you to take a day bus for safety reasons you better should. They normally want to make money. Furthermore we ended up in a town called Iquique, four hours down south from Arica, where we initially wanted to be. The bus to Arica sounded unfortunately quite complicated, it seems like a long drive including changing the bus.

And so we went for Iquique. At least it’s in Chile and there’s a beach. Same same but different, I guess (great, I always wanted to use the phrase). First impression is alright. Let’s see what’s going on tomorrow.

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