#day222 – Salar de Uyuni workout

Finally. The day of the day. I’m visiting Salar de Uyuni. On day 222 of my project. One day before I’m in Southamerica for a quarter year. Great coincidences. Seems like I arranged it, but I didn’t. I swear. Salar de Uyuni is indeed something special. A landscape, which is not comparable with everything else that I’ve seen before.

The day started with getting up at 4.30am. After s short drive and little hike up on a hill in the dark, we watched the sunrise over the lake. It’s for sure incredible beautiful, but we had some clouds today and the sunrise itself wasn’t that spectacular. I enjoyed the view much more once the sun was out and the lake shined brightly white. Our little cactus hill was an amazing lookout.

After our breakfast we continued the tour with the obligatory photo session. One hour in the middle of the lake just for taking pictures. I first thought it might be a bit long, but time flies on the Salar, I can tell you.

And we combined it with a little workout. Running, yoga, pushups, I felt good to move after long days in the jeep. The altitude, the wind, the cold. It wasn’t easy, but the best natural gym ever let you grow superpowers.

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