#day221 – sleeping in a salt hotel

The last night before we’re visiting the salt lake we’re sleeping in a salt hotel. Salt hotel means everthing is made of salt. Walls, tables, chairs, wardrobes and even our beds. It’s unfortunately not really cozy, since it’s cold and a bit hard. But it’s for sure the best preparation for our trip tomorrow, for the whole salt experience.

The third day in a row we went to bed straight after dinner, around 9pm. Something I didn’t do since I was 9. We have to get up at 4.30 am tomorrow, though. At least today it’s justified.

Not to forget, that we were allowed to take a hot shower here for a little price of 1.50 Euro. The promised internet doesn’t exist, but at least one of two problems is solved now. And it let us look a bit better on the photos tomorrow. Hopefully.

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