#day220 – Laguna Verde

The second day of our tour to Uyuni was great. We spent the whole day in a national park close to the Chilean border and have done and seen a lot. A thermal bath in natural hot springs, up on 5000 meters to climb through a geysers field and walking around three different kinds of lagoons, a white one, a red one and a green one.

Laguna Verde was one of the most impressive since it’s located at the foot of volcano Licancabur. A 6000 meters high volcano, which is still active and makes a stunning view. Those blue colours are such a pleasure for the eyes. Amazing.

The thermal bath was a pleasure as well, though. The only option in three days to get a bit water on our bodys. I didn’t tell you so far, but the tour is a little social experiment, too. Three days without a shower and internet. Nothing. Thanks god we’re all the time on an altitude above 4000 meters, which makes it fucking cold and we don’t have to sweat. It’s still a bit groose, but it would have been worse with heat. Since electricity is pretty rare the internet problem isn’t a real problem as well. Our phone batteries are pretty low and taking photos with the phone has priority. Nice to know we can still survive three days without internet and shower.

Furthermore we don’t only stick it out, we’re still able to enjoy the tour and value what we experience. There’re so many impressions every day, that it’s sometimes hard to realize how special it is what we’re actually doing right now. Reflection time helps. As well as talking about it. There’s not much time on the tour but we’ll definitely do it at the beach afterwards.

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