#day219 – on the way to Uyuni

It’s time for one of my trip’s biggest highlights – the salt lake Salar de Uyuni. Well, actually right now I can’t believe it’s going to be my personal highlight of the trip since there’re so many highlights, but people use to say it’s one of the must sees in Southamerica. We’ll see.

Sure, I’m really keen about it now and definitely looking forward to it. That’s why we decided to do the whole program and booked a 4-days-trip. Before we’re going to see the salt lake on the 4th day, we’ll see lots of lamas and flamingos, lagoons, geysers, mountains, volcanos and that stuff. We want it special this time, you know. And we are even willing to pay a bit more to do the tour from Tupiza instead of Uyuni, what everyone does.

My fazit after the first day: it was a lot of driving but the scenery is amazing. And I’m quite happy with the group, which is pretty important for such a long trip. Two jeeps, two drivers, a chef (a lovely old woman) and eight tourists. Four guys from France and a couple from Uruguay, with whom we share our jeep. Our driver Emanuel is a bit shy and speaks only Spanish but he is anyhow cute the way he is. And really friendly.

I’ll have plenty of time to improve my Spanish again the next days in our car. What a nice side effect of the tour.

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