#day217 – being a miner for one day

Since I grew up in a village which was famous for mining in the early 20th century, I was really interested in Bolivian mine work. The mine tours in Potosi are known as a tough thing to do and so I was even more curious.

After finishing the tour I can approve it’s nothing for a wimpy. You are more than two hours under the earth, you have to crawl through little holes and have to climb up narrow steep staircases.

Furthermore you have to see Bolivian men working really hard, spending hours in the mines every day without seeing the sunlight. Even without knowing how much of what we’ve seen today was a tourist show, I’m once again impressed how hard a job can be.

No wonder, that miners drink pure alcohol with 96% once a week. Supposedly. I’m pretty sure they’re all addicted. At the end of our tour we had to try it as well.

And so we sat in front of Tio, a devil statue with a huge penis and a cigarette in the mouth and got drunk. Strange experience, but definitely worth it at the same time. Just ensure you have enough time to digest what you have seen afterwards. We had to spend the rest of the day on the couch. Uff.

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