#day215 – Andean alpaca sweater

This sweater pursued me since I’m travelling. Especially since I’m travelling up north in the mountain regions. Atacama Desert in Chile, Salta in Argentina and here in Bolivia. Every second backpacker has one. Girls, boys, everyone.

They exist in different colors but the pattern is always the same. I actually don’t like such backpacker stuff, which seems to be obligatory when you’re in a specific region. As if we are a big community and need a distinctive feature to identify us. Come on, our 3000 wristlets (each arm) reveal us anyway.

Well, but since today I’m part of the gang as well. The good thing is, they look really nice. And even more important, they will keep me warm in the mountains. That’s why I bought it, of course. At least I chose a special color. A mix between red and orange. Most travellers go for grey. My tiny little rest of individuality.

I guess it’s a Southamerica travel thing. Once I’m back in Berlin I won’t wear it again and I’ll maybe ask myself, why did I buy it actually? It happened quite often to me. We’ll see. So far I’m pretty happy with my latest achievement.

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