#day214 – Easter eggs behind a cactus

My first Easter on another continent. So far away from home in Sucre in Bolivia. Not my first Easter without my family, but nevertheless on days like today it would be great to be with the family.

To avoid homesickness we bought some colorful Easter eggs in a little Easter basket in accordance to our German tradition. To play a bit hide and seek, as our tradition wants us to do so.

And we chose a special place for our celebration. We went on a hike to seven waterfalls, where we had a well deserved picnic, including the chocolate eggs. I hid the eggs behind a cactus. Most exotic hiding place ever.

Well, Easter eggs taste a bit better at home, but eating them next to a waterfall is the better experience still. And I shared the moment with my family by sending them some pictures and having a short call with the whole mob. Thanks God, What’s app exists.

Happy Easter, friends!

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