#day213 – Berlin club vacations

Next stop Sucre. A colonial city in the middle of Bolovia. Twelve hours by bus from Santa Cruz. We got a recommendation from a traveller I met before and ended up in a hostel called Kultur Berlin early in the morning.

As the name adumbrates already, it’s a party hostel. A hostel where you can have a short club vacation. You don’t have to leave the accommodation to get entertained. There’s an animation the whole day. Furthermore every guest has to wear a wristlet. Unfortunately not because all is inclusive. It’s for the breakfast only. But it’s definitely the best hostel breakfast ever. We had to eat so much, that we skipped lunch today.

It’s indeed a little Berlin island in Bolivia. A hipster place with an international traveller scene, mainly from France and Israel. After a porno breakfast all of them smoking weed and drinking alcohol the whole day. What a nice coincidence to find home far away from home for the Easter weekend.

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