#day212 – Bolivian sand dunes

I’m in love with sand dunes. Sand dunes are a wonderful type of nature. They give me this special feeling of freedom. As far as you can look only sand and blue sky. You just want to start running and feel free. An amazing feeling.

From the entrance of the natural preserve we still had to walk 7 kilometres to see the natural wonder. Theoretically. Lucky us, just after I said we should try hitchhiking (we walked less than one kilometer) some nice Canadians in a jeep stopped and gave us a free ride.

I’ve been running through sand dunes in Australia already, but the ones I have seen today were much bigger. The sandy wind and the steep dunes made it pretty hard to run but we walked the dunes up and down and even found some lagoons where we could refresh our feet.

What we didn’t know, it was more than necessary for the following part of our trip. We had to walk all the way back barefooted and got bitten by dozens of mosquitos. The scenery was worth it though. Sand dunes just a short ride out of the city…Would be a great thing for Berlin.

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