#day209 – Bolivian children’s day

I thought children’s day is an international day and it is celebrated all around the world on June 1st. It’s not, how I learnt today. Many countries, especially in America have their own date. The Spanish version Dia del Niño is either on a Sunday, for example in Argentina (3rd Sunday in August) and Peru (2nd Sunday in April) or on a fixed day as it is the case in Bolivia. Since 1955 they celebrate children’s day today, April 12th.

We had a great party the whole day. The kids in the children’s homes got a little lucky bag filled with sweets and the adults got cake and jelly. Before midday and after midday. They love sweets here. And today we had an excuse to eat even a bit more than usually.

In the evening we played some simple kids games. We teached them how to play Stuhltanz, I guess the English version is called something like musical chair. It works quite good with Bolivian music, even though my ears are still ringing.

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