#day208 – hiking to Samaipata’s waterfalls

After long days in the city finally a bit nature again. And Samaipata’s surrounding nature is amazing. Lush green vegetation, some red hills, little rivers. It looks already a bit like jungle. Like the Amazonas.

One of the most famous nature spectacles here are three waterfalls. Even to the third and biggest one, it’s just a short hike but the place is a little heaven on earth. At the end of the waterfall is a natural lagoon with a huge sandy beach and a unique view. The lagoon itself isn’t really deep but if you want you can take a little bath nevertheless.

It would have been super nice to swim in it, but unfortunately it was way too cold for me today. And it was completely cloudy. I’m a pussy without sun. There will be a next waterfall. Actually we had our adventure already on our way to the waterfalls. 100 kids on the loading space of a truck, each of us standing or hanging over the railing for 30 minutes. One or two got beaten by a tree limb. I got a little wound on my hand by a brake action only. I’ll survive.

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