#day207 – celebrating town twinning

My former high school has a partnership with a Bolivian high school since round about 20 years. I still remember me and my classmates around christmas, when we packed christmas gifts and donated them for kids of our partner school in Samaipata, Bolivia.

Samaipata is a pretty small town, not far away from Santa Cruz. Nowadays famous for it’s laid back and international city vibe. The partnership consists not only between our schools though. My hometown Saalfeld and Samaipata in Bolivia connects a town twinning, a real partnership between two cities. Means, I was already well informed about Samaipata and today I’d finally seen it with my own eyes.

The school called Florida knew, a bunch of Saalfelder will arrive and organized a little party for us. Dozens of speeches, traditional dances and Bolivian lasagne. It was a pleasure. They even eternised us at their wall next to the entrance. That was funny. Even for me, as an alumni since more than 10 years.

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