#day206 – palms for Palm Sunday

I grow up religiously and had no idea about Palm Sunday. It’s a bit embarrassing. I heard of it before, but I didn’t know what the bible says about it or what do we actually celebrate.

Now I know and it’s not that spectacular. I mean there’s no big story. It’s the commemoration of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem on a donkey. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter and the beginning of the holy week. 7 days till Easter Sunday.

As the history tells us, Jesus’ way was lined with palm leafs and so it’s a tradition nowadays to take a palm leaf to church with you and do some art out of it. Means you should braid the leaves to a cross or heart or anything.

Since we accompany a katholic project for homeless kids we all went together to church this morning, each of us carrying a palm leaf. The church service, hold in Spanish, was a bit long and instead of a pipe organ they made music with a guitar. But apart from that it was quite similar to the German one.

My first Palm Sunday celebration ever. With real palms and hundreds of Bolivian kids. Church can be fun.

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