#day205 – face to face with an ostrich

I’ve seen some ostriches in a zoo before. Can’t remember if I have seen a wild one ever before. Maybe in Australia once. Anyways. The ones I looked into the eyes today weren’t living in the wild. They’re part of a social project. An animal farm for homeless kids called Granja, a bit out of Santa Cruz.

It’s a beautiful area with many exotic animals, such as parrots, monkeys and coatis. One of my favourites was a little armadillo. I had no idea how cute these little beings can be. To get as much as possible food without buying it, they have some ‘normal’ animals as well. Pigs, cows and dozens of chickens, for example.

The animals we got closest to today had been the ostriches. We could have pet them, in case we wanted to. I didn’t. I didn’t like them that much, so I prefered an intensive eye contact through the fence. Uff, they’re gross. Actually I was afraid of their stupid and blind eyes. I guess they had been afraid of me as well. At least they looked like they were. Awkward moment. I stroked the pigs instead. They were happy. Oink oink.

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