#day203 – becoming friends with Bobby

May I introduce you to Bobby, my new friend and keeper of a hostel here in Santa Cruz. He is amazing. A bit loud and nervous from time to time, but in general really trusting und pleasant.

We met today for the first time, but we’re already quite close. And I’m happy to have him here. My start in Santa Cruz, the biggest city in Bolivia, wasn’t the best. I arrived early in the morning after another night in the bus and went directly to a hostel, which I thought is well located and traveller friendly.

It is well located indeed. Close to a lot of restaurants and just a quick 10 minutes walk to the main square. It’s unfortunately not really traveller friendly though. To be honest, I’m the only guest. It’s like a ghost house.

First I thought it’s nice to sleep in a dorm, which is actually a private room. But since Santa Cruz doesn’t seem like heaven for solo traveller, it’s not. I missed someone to hang out with today.

The happier I was, when Bobby showed up out of the blue in the afternoon. There was immediately a symphatie in the air and in the end we spent a lot of time together. He definitely saved my start in Santa Cruz. Thanks, Bobby.

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