#day202 – taking a ride with Lusthansa

My plan was initially another one. I wanted to climb the thousand and something steps of a staircase to see a Christus statue at the top of a little mountain with a view over Cochabamba. A Christus statue, which is actually four meters taller than the famous one in Rio de Janeiro. But the moment I stood at the foot in front of the hill, I didn’t feel like doing it alone today. I don’t know why actually.

I waited 30 minutes for some other tourists, but noone showed up and so I decided to go back to the city center. In the end I got a way better experience. Since it was hot and I needed a break soon, I took a taxi. Something I usually don’t do to save money, of course.

Great decision. I got an free upgrade for the first time in my life. Instead of a taxi ride I had a short flight with Lusthansa back to town. When I entered the machine, the driver – sorry, I mean the pilot – welcomed me on board and wished me a pleasant journey. I missed the food and a tomato juice but for less than a Euro I didn’t want to complain.

As soon as we arrived at the main  square I applauded quickly and jumped out of the machine. The better experience, definitely.

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