#day200 – bus ride to colorful Cochabamba

I’m actually used to long and stressful bus rides. But the one I had the past 16 hours was insane. I took a for tourists unusual bus ride from the south of Bolivia to a city called Cochabamba in the middle. Hence I was the only tourist in a bus full of Bolivians.

Once again I got a seat in the first row. Since it was a night bus I couldn’t enjoy a view. Instead I got surprised by to wonderful seatmates. A little baby to the right and an Argentinian gaucho to the left. The gaucho didn’t only look and smell like Mr. Marlboro personally, he played his own phone music the whole night. Parallel to the incredible noisy speakers from the bus, which were straight above my head and broadcasted the Sound of a movie, which I couldn’t watch, because I sat directly underneath the screen as well. Amazing.

Last but not least the bus hadn’t a toilet. Or more precisely the existent toilet was closed due to bad usage. We had some breaks, but nevertheless I hate it when you’re not able to go to toilet whenever you have to.

Colorful Cochabamba compensated the horror trip. The bus terminal sucks, but as soon as you’re in the city center it’s a pleasent place. And it’s supposed to be one of the best Bolivian cities for streetfood. I’ll check it out.


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