#day199 – owning Bolivianos

I’m always pretty interested how the currency will look like, when I enter a new country. The Argentinian banknotes are quite shitty. Super thin paper, hence quite often torn and anyway old and floppy. The Chilean Peso are much better. The notes are in a better shape and much more colorful.

Pretty annoying was the service fee about 5 Euros I had to pay with every transaction in both countries though. Bolivia will be the first country without charging a fee at the ATM. That’s backpacker friendly. As well as prices in Bolivia in general. Finally cheap food and accomodation. I’m looking forward to it.

I was used to withdraw the highest amount I can get. When I arrived in Bolivia at midday I went straight to the ATM. I withdrew just a small amount, still enough to survive in Bolivia for a couple of days, but nothing when you are used to Argentinian prices. Feels so good not to carry bundles of notes around Southamerica anymore.

Last but not least, I really like how the Bolivian money look like. The guys , who decorate the notes are funny. My favorite is the guy on the 10 Boliviano note. He has an interesting haircut and a grumpy look. I googled his name to know who he is. Cecilio Guzmann de Rojas was a Bolivian painter, famous for his art about Andean people. Banknotes with faces are so much cooler than our boring Euro notes.




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