#day198 – meditating in a cave

I learnt a lot about the indigineous culture today. I went on a trek through the mountains with a guy, who explained me everything about his culture and his religion. The centre of his life is a god called Pachamama, our mother earth. Pachamama is the mediator between the underworld and the world of living. She gives us live and nurtures us. Compared to Jesus or Buddha for example she hasn’t an image. Even though Pachamama is a mother she isn’t 100 % female. Pachamama is something in between.

The destination of our hike was a cave in the mountains, where people meditate and honor Pachamama. So did we today. We climbed into the cave and meditated for 5 minutes in completly darkness. Afterwards everyone of our group had to talk about his or her feelings and worries. It’s a way to let Pachamama know, what bothers us and the chance to receive some help from her.

Afterwards we got two coca leaves, which we sacrificed to Pachamama. We had to reveal our two biggest fears and burn the leaves above a candle. Everyone in the group had to do it in his or her own language. I was happy, I was for once the only German.

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