#day196 – hill of seven colors

I guess it’s one of the most impressive landscapes I have ever seen so far. Cerro de los Siete Colores, the hill of seven colors. Just a short hike from Purmamarca, the town at the foot of the mountain and you have an impressive and breathtaking view over the natural wonder. I had to tweak myself to realize it’s real and I’m not dreaming. What an overwhelming pleasure for the eyes. I sat for quite a while without saying anything. And me being speechless is a situation, which happens not really often.

The rock formation’s unique color range is a result of a complex geological history, mainly movements of lakes, rivers and the tectonic plates. Each color was formed during different time periods. That’s the common explanation for this natural wonder.

I prefer the legend, which says, that all kids in Purmamarca were bored by the colorless rocks when the town was formed. Hence they decided to paint the hill. For seven days in a row, they  got up every night to add a new color on the hill. On the 7th night they told it their parents and organized a party to inaugurate the painted mountain. Until today there’s a celebration every year in honour of the colorful hill.

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