#day195 – Tilcara’s rooftop romantic

I didn’t expect much of tiny little Tilcara village in the north of Argentina. Maybe that’s why I’m so amazed. No expections, many suprises. Salta was already quite different compared to Buenos Aires or Mendoza. But Tilcara seems to be in another country. Hard to believe, I’m still in the same country.

The main difference are the people. Since we’re getting closer to the Bolivian border, people look indigenous. Women wear colorful skirts, little hats and have praited long hair. In terms of cultural aspects, my trip is going to get more interesting now.

What makes my stay even more enjoyable is the hostel, where I luckily got the last bed for tonight. It’s a lovely little place with super nice staff, cool travel buddies and a cute terrace with mountain view. Such a peaceful spot. I just arrived and feel already really comfortable. I guess I won’t stay for one night only, as I actually thought when I left Salta in the morning. It’s a place to stay for a couple of days.

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