#day194 – Empanadas in the making

Since already more than two months I eat empanadas every day. Ok, almost every day. But they’re great. They are my bread replacement. I’m addicted.

The differences in Southamerica are enormous though. I was used to the Argentinans ones and pretty surprised when I had my first Chilean empanada. They’re triple the size (great) and the most common type called Pino is with meat, eggs, olives and corn. A filling you can’t get in Argentina.

Even though they are tiny the range of sorts is better in Argentina. You can get empanadas with quinoa and lama meat here in the north. So good.

Since you buy them usually at a bakery or kiosk I’ve never really seen the process of making. But today a lovely old lady called Mercedes made some fresh empanadas for us. She even prepared the dough in front of us. We had to wait quite a while, sure, but watching her was entertaining. Mercedes did a great job. And her empanadas are a poem.

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