#day191 – freezing in front of a geyser

Who wants to see some bubbling geysers has to get up at 4am in the morning. But they’re not only geysers. El Tatio is with over 80 active geysers the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world. It’s worth it to have a little lack of sleep.

The reason for the early visit is the fact, that shortly after sunrise the naturally created spectacle of steam that emerges from the bottom of the earth can be experienced in a better way. It’s as well the time where it’s the coldest. We had minus ten degrees today. I brought all my long travel clothes with me and tried to wear it. I looked so stupid and was still freezing my ass off. It was an experience.

The eruption of the geysers itself wasn’t that spectacular. It can be up to 6 meters high, but in average it’s 75 centimeters high only. Hard to believe, tourists got cooked in the past after falling into one of them. In memory of those died tourists, some geysers have names of the nationalities nowadays. So far there’s no German one. Surprisingly related to the enormous number of us bouncing around here.

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