#day190 – floating in a salty lagoon

I was a bit unsure, if it’s alright to call my today’s first time a first time. I floated in a salt lake already. In the dead sea in Jordan. And the experience was kind of similar to be honest. But well, the surrounding today was quite different though and sure I’m on the other side of the world. It’s definitely a first time.

A day trip to the lagoons is one of the must do’s here in the desert. Not without a reason, it’s indeed really cool. The water is a bit chilly but imagine you’re lying on the surface and you’re able to read a book or stretch your feet out of the water without an effort. That’s something special. You shouldn’t have a wound, otherwise the salt will hurt. But besides that the salty water is good for the skin. I looked like a piece of chalk afterwards.

We finished the tour with a Pisco Sour while we watched the sunset. Amazing. A bit tipsy we started dancing in our tour bus on the way back to the city, which is usally prohibited in San Pedro. I’m not kidding. Dancing is not allowed here. Not even at home. In case the police catches you, you have to pay a fine. Surreal but true. That’s why we enjoyed our little adventure even more. Perfect ending of a great tour.

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