#day189 – the driest desert in the world

Next stop: Atacama desert. The driest desert in the world. You can take a bus from Santiago to San Pedro in the north for 24 hours or you invest 40 Euros more and take a flight for 1.5 hours. That’s what I did. Even though I hated to do it.

Flying while backpacking is cheating. That’s my opinion. When you’re not in a rush it’s so much better to travel slowly. You have to experience the distances to understand the country you’re travelling in. But damn, Chile is pretty long.

Since my flight was in the late afternoon I arrived shortly before sunset in the little desert village. The bus driver from the airport to the village was so kind to stop for a short first stunning viewpoint. The impressive view over the desert with its red colored mountains was promising. I’m looking forward to see more of this unique area the next days.

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