#day188 – Venezuelan dinner party

Once again I have to admit I’m a big city girl. Many travellers advised me to skip Santiago de Chile. It’s only a big city. There’s not much to see. Typical backpacker phrases. I went nevertheless and regret it not at all. In the end I stayed even longer as I expected.

Sure, one thing that enriches the experience a lot, is the fact that I stayed at a friend’s apartment. It’s good to escape the hostel scene and the traveller bubble from time to time. Not only because I had my own room and enjoyed a bit time for myself. As well because I stayed in a non-touristy area, got the chance to see places most travellers don’t see, learnt so much about the everyday life in the city and was last but not least able to practice my Spanish. I mean serious conversations, important slang apart from “How much is it?” and so on.

The perfect completion of my week in Santiago was a little farewell dinner party. Not really traditional, but still quite special, we prepared a typical Venezulean dish: Arepas. Bread made of corn flour, fried in the pan and filled with whatever you want. Our filling was for sure the best: avocado and cheese. I ate sooo much, only a forseeable explosion was able to stop me.

But do you know, what made me even more prouder than eating like a horse? I spoke the whole evening in Spanish. Or let’s say, I tried it. Either way it feels pretty good. I will miss you, Santiago!

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