#day186 – Southamerica’s tallest building

Hard to believe, Costanera tower is the highest building in whole Southamerica. Sure, when you try to see the top in front of it, your neck hurts a bit. But the skyscraper is actually just 300 meters tall. The tv tower in Berlin is 30 meters higher.

Not really surprisingly, the shopping mall underneath the tower convinced me more. It’s not a normal mall. One record catches the next here. It’s the biggest shopping mall in Southamerica with the only H&M on this continent. Furthermore there is Esprit, Mango and Topshop. I’ve never seen one of those shops in Buenos Aires. I was so looking forward to a bit shopping. But poor me, the sell winter clothes only right now. Who needs a sweater and a scarf now? Don’t get it.

My highlight today wasn’t one of those records. It was a restaurant next to the mall called Ilmenau. They can’t mean the small city in Thuringia, just 50 kilometers away from my hometown. They do. The man, who opened the restaurant many years ago was from Ilmenau. Would have been great to eat Thüringer Klöße in Santiago. Unfortunately the menu has nothing to do with our cuisine. Oh wait, maybe the Leberkäse, but that’s it. Anyways, I made dozens of pictures. And the waiters from the restaurant had been so kind to wave into my camera.


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