#day185 – Valpo streetart tour

When South America is heaven on earth for streetart, the little coastal town Valparaiso is the gateway to this heaven. I’m amazed at all those tiny and picturesque alleys, nesteled between several hills and dozens of stunning lookouts. There’s always a huge impressive mural waiting around the next corner. I could wander around forever without getting tired of the scenery.

As it’s the case in Buenos Aires, or I guess in whole South America, street art is generally forbidden, but no one really cares. You just have to ask the house owner for a permission and you can rage yourself out. Or you just do it. I heard, that’s what people are actually doing. Hard to believe, house owners will get angry by these high quality paintings. It’s definitely one of the finest street art all around the world.

One of my favorite murals embellishs the wall of my hostel. A pink wall with two wings, which allow you to become an angel for a short time. Amor es la respuesta. Love is the answer.


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