#day184 – Vina del Mar

Time for a bit beach. I decided to escape Santiago for a few days and took a bus to Vina del Mar. Just a 1.5 hour bus ride away and as a result of this a weekend destination for many metropolitans. It’s not a great beach in terms of white sand, high palm trees and turquoise water. As all the beaches I’ve seen so far on this trip. It’s more about high waves, cold water and noisy teens and families.

But well, a barefooted walk at the shore with a coffee in one hand and the sun in the face still isn’t that bad, when you know, it’s a rainy spring day back at home. And it’s the beginning of winter in Chile. While I’m sweating completly alone by the rooftop pool in Santiago or wearing shorts and tank tops, Chileans start suffering from the chilliness. Sure, the nights are a bit chilly already but during the day it’s pretty hot, not only in the sun. I can get used to this kind of winter.

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