#day182 – Chilean Cuisine

After bars and drinks yesterday it was time to check out food specialaties today. The best way to do that is by walking around the city center. Or taking a free walking tour. That’s what I did today.

Now I know, it’s all about fast food. Similar to the Argentinian one, the Chilean cuisine is nothing really special. They eat sandwich, hamburger and pizza. But compared with Argentina sea food is more common. Not really here in the capital but for sure in the north. At least you get empanadas with prawns in Santiago. The closer you get to Peru, the better is your chance to get a good Ceviche. I have to be patient.

Well, I have to admit, the variety and ingredients for sandwiches are quite good though. Not only ham and cheese. A famous sandwich is the so called Italian one, which comes with fresh tomatoes and a lot of mashed avocado. Cheap, delicious and not as unhealthy as cookies, so to say the best choice for a backpacker. Definitely something I could eat every day.

They even sell so called German sandwiches. It’s a bit sourcrout that makes the sandwich a German one. Chileans think we eat our bread the same way. I prefer the Italian version. Or the Brazilian, which is with avocado and cheese. I’ll try that tomorrow.


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