#day181 – pisco sour

I welcomed myself in Chile with one of the most typical things here, or let’s say the most typical thing per se – a Pisco Sour cocktail. I went to Bellavista neighbourhood, a nice area in Santiago for restaurants, bars and nightclubs and ordered one with a lemon pie. The lemon pie just because it wasn’t possible to order drinks only. Touristy rip-off, but I didn’t care on my first night in town.

The basis of the cocktail is Pisco, a grape spirit named after the same-named city in Peru. The origin of Pisco is controversial. To be honest, I think it’s obvious, that Pisco has its origins in Peru, but I better keep that opinion as a secret here.

The cocktail itself is a mixture of Pisco, lemon juice, sugar and egg white. When the lemon juice is fresh pressed, it’s supposed to be a good one. For me it’s the same as with Fernet Cola in Argentina. I can’t really share the excitement of the locals. But it’s alright, I’ll try it again and again.


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