#day179 – wine tasting

My first wine tasting ever. I was so eager ahead. There are dozens of tour operators in town, but I decided to do it by my own. It’s not only cheaper, it’s more fun furthermore.

All famous vineyards are located around Maipu, a 45 minutes bus ride away from Mendoza. Once I got off the bus I hired a bike. There’re a lot of winerys to discover. My first stop after 10 kilometers on one of the oldest bikes, I ever rode in my whole life, wasn’t a winery though. It was an olive oil factory.

I sneaked in and had a little olive oil tasting, which was more or less a real lunch. Just olive oil, olives, olive paste, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh bread. So so good. And definitely deserved after biking without gear change, functioning brakes and a loose pedal.

Well invigorated the next stop was finally a winery. Di Tomassa, a winery run by a family since 150 years. After a short tour through the vineyard we could try three different types of Malbec. Different types in terms of the age. I liked the one in the middle the best. But the best thing is, I know now how to identify the age of a wine. Just by observing the color and shaking the glass. I can pretend to be an wine expert now. That’s cool.

Three half-filled glasses of wine had been already enough today, but I was really curious, if there’s a difference, and so I went to another winery for another glass of wine. Now I know for sure, they are all pretty good.

Being a bit tipsy I returned the bike and bussed back home. Drink and drive on a Monday. That’s what I do, when travelling.

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