#day178 – park bench with Anden view

My plan was to head out for a wine tasting directly after breakfast. But then I had to realize, Mendoza is shut down on a Sunday. Completly shut down. Bike rentals, winerys, restaurants…everything closed. I thought Sundays don’t exist in touristy areas. Mendoza disabused me.

Ok, I was in the need of another plan. Since I was so looking forward to wine, I just went to a kiosk to buy a bottle and enjoy it on a sunny Sunday afternoon. When in Mendoza, you have to drink red wine. The problem was, it was way to hot. It’s a shame, I bought a cold bottle of white wine. Please appreciate my misbehavior.

With the bottle in the bag I walked to a huge park, just west of the city center, watched out for a nice bench in the sun and enjoyed my first Mendoza wine. Or let’s say my first Mendoza wine in Mendoza. I had dozens of it in Buenos Aires and maybe even once in Germany without noticing it.

It wasn’t the Sunday, that I expected but still a nice one and the important thing is, I had a good wine. with a special view over the Andes Mountains. That’s everything that counts.

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