#day177 – pink fountain

You know you’re in the city of wine, when fountains have pink water. How boring is a water fountain, when you can fill it up with red wine, as well? Mendoza likes it poshy. But well, actually it’s not that poshy. Wine is cheaper than water here. Heaven for wine lovers.

After six weeks in the big city, I was really looking forward to a little town surrounded by nice landscape, which is as well on my way to Chile. Mendoza, located in the most famous wine region in Argentina, sounded like the perfect first stop after Buenos Aires.

It is. Since I arrived late after a long bus journey, I just had a little walk through the city center to get a feeling of the city. It’s a pretty cute town with many small squares and a relaxed vibe. The main square with some food stalls, statues, musicans and that stuff is the heart of town. And the place where I spotted the pink fountain.

A fountain with sparkling Malbec, the most famous red wine of the region. I figured out, the fountain is only pink for the harvest festival. They celebrate the end of the season every year at the beginning of March with a little festival. It ended just a few days before I arrived. I could say, damn, I missed the festival. Way better sounds: Lucky me, I saw a pink fountain!

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