#day176 – first row across Argentina

Night busses are always an experience. Mine started with finding the right platform. But actually it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t to dumb to find the right on. The departure screen just didn’t display my connection. I should have been on the road since 15 minutes when they finally announced where our bus starts.

I got compensated by a seat in the first row. On the upper floor. Amazing. 14 hours across Argentina with the feeling, I’m driving our bus. Well, it was already night when we started, so I enjoyed the scenery the next morning. I got my spectacular observation when I went to toilet. An old man tried to hop on the bus. The driver ran after him and asked for his ticket and not a surprise, grandpa hadn’t one. Was worth a try.

Besides the fact, that the bus wasn’t really comfortable and sleeping was quite hard, I was so disappointed by our breakfast, the only food they served during almost one day in a bus. A sad chocolate cookie (at least an Alfajores with white chocolate) with a coffee, that came in a teabag. Kind of a coffee that makes me want to cry.

But the funniest thing of our trip was definitely the arrival. With a delay of two hours we finally reached Mendoza in Argentinia’s west. Almost. Two hundred meters before we reached the bus terminal the bus broke down at the last crossing. We all had to walk the last few meteres. That’s slapstick.

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